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XyPlan are a highly skilled solution provider offering a complete range of IT services.

Through conception, design, delivery and maintenance, and by being proactive, flexible, innovative and cost-effective, XyPlan offer tailor-made solutions to meet business needs.
Established in 2001 as a consultancy practice, XyPlan have evolved into a total solutions provider in order to address IT issues that prevent customers from focusing on their core business.
Working in partnership with clients, XyPlan are able to gain a detailed understanding of their business systems, and by seamlessly integrating bespoke services XyPlan are able to help them operate more efficiently and effectively.

Our Services

Our Services

Strategy, Design and Planning

XyPlan have the necessary expertise to work with organisations at all levels, ensuring that the IT infrastructure will meet the strategic demands of the business.
XyPlan will ensure that such strategies are in place to develop the existing services and to take advantage of emerging technologies.
XyPlan’s experienced consultants have designed, implemented and supported IT infrastructure solutions across a wide range of organisations.

Procurement and Implementation

XyPlan have no particular vendor bias, ensuring that current best-inclass products can be sourced to meet client demands. Equipment can also be supplied to match the existing infrastructure. XyPlan are also experienced in all areas of procurement including requests for information, invitation to tender, bid evaluation and contract negotiation.

XyPlan can implement the chosen solution with its team of highly skilled engineers.

System and Network Management

XyPlan’s pragmatic approach to System and Network Management is based on providing management services that compliment clients’ existing capabilities. They are backed up with a tailored service level agreement, which ensures each party understands how the service is provided and what metrics are used to measure its performance. XyPlan provide onsite and remote system management facilities for some or all of a customer’s IT infrastructure support

Network and Data Security

With the introduction of increased connectivity, networks have become more vulnerable. Whether it is external threats from unknown sources or internal threats such as poor practices or disgruntled employees, it is vital that an organisation understands its vulnerabilities and the associated risks. XyPlan help organisations to understand these risks and to identify appropriate measures, policies, procedures and guidelines.

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